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Sled Hills

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Warren Township General Use Ordinances (PDF)

Warren Township has two designated sled hills:

  • Bunny sled hill
  • Large sled hill

No other hills are maintained for sledding. Sledding is allowed when there is an adequate snow base during normal park hours, daily 8 am to 9 pm.

Rules & Regulations

The hills are not supervised and the user is responsible for determining if the conditions are appropriate for sledding. Please note: Use hill at your own risk. Makeshift ramps or jumps are prohibited. Sledding is permitted only in designated areas, and on the sides of hill designated for sledding.

Lighted large and bunny hills for sleds and saucers. Snowboards, toboggans are prohibited.

Sled hill conditions are posted to the RainOut line 847-999-0405.

Public Education

  • Use sledding equipment that the rider can steer and stop. Sleds without a steering mechanism are the most dangerous since the rider has no way of avoiding objects in his or her path.
  • Avoid sliding carpets, inner tubes, cardboard sliders, snow discs and other sledding equipment that is difficult to control.
  • Select a sled with metal runners over a plastic sled. Runner sleds elevate the rider off the ground and away from small, stationary objects. A plastic sled, by nature of its design, will strike anything in its path.
  • Choose a sturdy sled that has secure handholds. Ensure there are no jagged edges, splinters or
  • protruding parts on your sledding equipment.
  • Choose sturdy sleds with secure handholds. Ensure there are no jagged edges, splinters or protruding parts on your sledding equipment.
  • Always sled down the hill sitting up or kneeling on the sled. Never slide down head first or standing up.
  • Before sledding down the hill, make sure your path is clear of obstacles and other people right down to the bottom of the hill.
  • On the way down, keep your arms and legs tucked in.
  • If you fall off the sled or stop unexpectedly, quickly move out of the way of other people who are sledding.
  • Roll off a sled that won’t stop.
  • Walk back up the side of the hill, away from other the area where people are sledding.
  • Move quickly to the side and walk up and away from the sliding path after finishing a run.
  • Know your limits. Rest if you are tired. Go inside if you are cold.
  • Dress properly:
    • Wear hats, mittens or gloves and warm, waterproof clothing including footwear.
    • To prevent strangulation, children should wear a neck warmer instead of a scarf and they should never wear clothing with drawstrings as they may get caught under the sled.
  • Never ride into a snow bank - there could be hidden dangers such as a tree stump or rocks.
  • Never use alcohol or drugs while sledding or while supervising children who are sledding
  • Parents should ensure children follow all safe sledding tips.
  • A responsible adult should actively supervise children less than 12 years of age.
  • A responsible adult should ride on the sled with children under 5 years of age.
  • Adults should monitor children for wet clothes, chilling, frostbite and fatigue.
  • Wear an appropriate helmet (such as a bike or ski helmet) to reduce the risk of serious head injury.(Currently there is not a helmet specific to sledding available. Children should wear a properly fitted helmet that has been designed for high impact collisions.)
  • Only sled in the daylight or on well lit hills.