Snow Removal

Highway Truck Plowing snow on side of streetThe Highway Department plows approximately 70 miles of Warren Township roads, including:

  • Centerline roads
  • Cul-de-sacs
  • Dead-end streets

The Illinois Department of Transportation plows state roads, including Routes:

  • 21 (Milwaukee Avenue)
  • 41
  • 45
  • 120 (Belvidere Road)
  • 132 (Grand Avenue)

Lake County Division of Transportation maintains county roads, including:

  • Gages Lake Road
  • Hunt Club Road
  • Stearns School Road
  • Washington Street

Tips to Reduce Problems When It Snows

  • Please do not shovel or blow snow back into the street after it has been plowed and salted. Snow that is deposited on the street can refreeze and cause hazardous conditions for you or your neighbors.
  • When it starts to snow, park your vehicle off the street. This protects it from being plowed in. It also prevents receiving a ticket and being towed.
  • Check that your mailbox and post are in good repair and that they are behind the curb, not leaning out over the street.
  • If there is a fire hydrant in front of your home, clear the snow around it. It is there for your protection and that of your neighbors.
  • Please remove portable basketball hoops from the right-of-way. The Township is not responsible for damages that occur during snow removal operations.
  • Please place garbage and recycling bins on the apron of the driveway. These bins are not to be placed on the roadway as they become hazards for plow drivers.